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How much does it cost?

At last, a price list without having to ask for a quote

Prices for up to 40 employees are for the entire pay run, and none of the prices have any extra costs or VAT on top.

*Now also included free of charge*

A professional 24/7 online payroll and HR dashboard and app for you and your employees, worth £59.40 per year

All included as standard:

(Company payroll set up, auto-enrolment set up, new starters and leavers are also included free of charge)

Payslips for all of your employees, uploaded securely onto an online document portal, and can also be password protected and e-mailed directly to your employees, all GDPR compliant.

Calculation of all deductions, including PAYE tax, NI, student loan, pension contributions, Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay etc.

Real-time submission to HMRC electronically every pay run.

Pension Auto-Enrolment eligibility check and contributions report sent directly to your chosen pension provider every pay run.

Payroll summary reports for you to see at a glance all of your payments and deductions for your employees.

Monthly P30 report to show you how much you need to pay HMRC, when payment is due and how to make payment.

Payments made directly to your staff and HMRC on payday.

P45 forms for leavers and P60 forms for all staff at the end of the tax year.

End of year returns filed online.


Don't be caught out with hidden extras from other providers. With No Fuss Payroll you get one monthly fixed price, paid by direct debit so you know exactly how much you are paying and can manage your cashflow.

And EVERYTHING is included as standard.


Say goodbye to extra charges and numerous invoices

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